Registration OPENS on Wednesday September 13, 2017 at 9pm!

This race is five back country stages of timed descending off the Continental Divide! A.K.A. the Iconic Monarch Crest Trail! This race has some of the most spectacular trails and views that have ever been a part of Enduro mountain bike racing. The descents are long, technical, steep and have flow sections that require great pedal fitness! Bring your “A” Game for this one!

Thursday – 7:00 pm

MANDATORY racers meeting and buffet dinner and free beer and whiskey.

Friday – 8:00 am

Racers load for stages 1 and 2. Racers will be shuttled to the top of Marshal Pass they will then transfer to the top of Stage 1, Starvation Creek Trail, Racers will do a timed descent of Starvation Creek trail from top to bottom just before the trail ends on Poncha Creek Road. From there Racers will transfer up Poncha Creek Road all the way to Stage 2, Silver Creek Trail. This is a 8 mile transfer with 2,650 feet of climbing. Stage 2 is Silver Creek Trail from the very top to the bottom finishing just Before the trail connects back to Silver Creek Road.

Saturday – 7:00am

Racers load and depart for stage 3. Racers will be shuttled to the snow blind camp ground on the west side of Monarch Pass. ( a one hour shuttle ride). From there racers will transfer to the top of Granite peak (12,620 feet) which is 8 miles away from the shuttle drop off and gains 3,850 feet. The reward is a 9.3 mile descent with 3,900 feet of elevation loss. This is one of the best 19.3 miles you will ride in Colorado!

Sunday – 8:00am

Racers will depart for stage 4 and 5. Racers will be shuttled to the top of Monarch pass. Racers will have a 6.2 mile transfer to Greens Creek Trail (stage 4). From the top of Greens Creek Trail racers will descend 6 miles to the bottom. From there racers will transfer 2 miles on a county road to the shuttle pick up where they will then be delivered to the top of Monarch Pass once again. Racers will transfer to the South Fooses Creek trail. (Stage 6).
Racers will descend the 5 .7 miles to the bottom of South Fooses creek trail.

All shuttles will depart and return to the Boat House Cantina 228 North F Street in Salida Colorado. This is also race head quarters and where all food and beer will be served.

Here is how registration works for the Championship; due to field size limits, the top 10 points leaders from each category will have 48 hours to register after the Enduro-X race on September 9-10. Registration for the Monarch Crest Enduro will open September 13, 2017 at 9pm.

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