Yes, it’s back!

Timed descending on the world-renowned Whole Enchilada Trail. Three stages and two shuttle trips to Geyser Pass. A great PARTY before during and after the event!

Stage 1

We will Shuttle from beautiful downtown Moab, Utah to the top of Geyser Pass (10,300′). From there, you will ride and or push your bicycle to the top of Burro Pass (11,200′) and trust us, this is a stout climb. The start of stage one is on the summit of the pass and will run all the way down to the big aspen meadow just before the irrigation ditch crossing that starts the climb up to Werner Lake / Hazard Parking lot. You will self transfer (liaison) to Stage 2.

Stage 2

Starts approximately 1/2 mile from the Hazard Trail parking lot on Hazard Trail after the short climb. It’s the spot where you pop out of the tress and can see the entire Moab Valley!  The second stage includes, Hazard Trail, Kokopelli Trail, UPS Trail, LPS Trail and the old two track that begins at the top of Porcupine Trail and takes you back to sand flats road. Yes, that means when LPS Trail hits the top of Porcupine Trail you will take a hard left and continue descending to Sand Flats Road.

Shuttle Vans will pick you up on Sand Flats Road and shuttle you back up to Geyser pass. You will then ride/push back up to Burro pass for the start of Stage 3.

Stage 3

Begins at the top of Burro pass and includes the entire trail system of what is known as “The Whole Enchilada”.  Burro Trail to Hazard Trail, to Kokopelli Trail, to UPS Trail, to LPS Trail, and to Porcupine Trail ending at the first set of ropes just below “The Diving Board” on Porcupine Trail.